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    Nervous Only Away From Home

    I have a rescue Black Lab Mix that is about 1 year 4 months old. We have had him for just over a year. He is a great kind dog that listens pretty well. We also have another rescue Black Lab Mix that is 3 years old. Whenever I take my younger dog out for walks/ runs he gets extremely scared. He...
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    I'm a 20 year old male who is trying to train and bond with a dog scared of men. How do I do this?

    Hi, First a little background: —Occupants of the house: Myself (20 years old), my father, Abbey (younger sister, 18 years old) and JJ, our cat. —Onyx and Abbey From the start, we wanted to adopt a dog for Abbey, as she always wanted one and was also slightly depressed so we figured that...
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    Socializing Scared Chihuahuas

    I adopted two previously abused female chihuahuas and been working on them in obedience. However, they're still very frightened of strangers, dogs, and new experiences. When they are inside the house and any of the above enters, it becomes a barkfest. When we encounter those things outside, they...