1. AllieMackie


    JessLough asked me to post this for her. Today, a bit earlier than expected, Jess said goodbye to her ferret, Rogue. I'm beside myself about it as well. As most of you know (by Jess's sig pic, hee) we see all of our ferrets as, well, ours... so losing Rogue is close to me losing one, too...
  2. J

    bath time photos

    Renegade pre-bath Rascal and Renegade in the tub Rogue just stayed still and glared at me the whole time Ren trying to jump out Rogue avoiding the camera Rascal Ren pretty much how Rogue stayed the entire time Ren all wet just out of the tub Ren's...
  3. J

    Ferret Birthday Party - part 2!

    More videos and pictures from the party today! The cake Rogue's idea of a party Rascal wearing his party hat Rogue wearing his crown Rennie exploring the top of the furniture Allie and her girl Rogue was still carpetsharked Porom and Rennie thought Matt was...
  4. AllieMackie

    The fab four... again. :) (PINK ferret enclosed)

    Yup... we dyed Rogue. We actually dyed Porom first... but we tried Grape Koolaid. Ugh, don't even bother. It's sort of a greyish, so I assume that had to do with it. I'll try again later this week. NONE of it took, but at least she smells like grape! Rogue, we were GOING to do blue...
  5. AllieMackie

    The fert quartet, again (one million photos)

    Jess brought over the trio. The usual story. Rogue and Renegade Porom expresses her distaste with the snow. Rogue is in distaste about the snow, as well. Renegade is a stepping stone for Rascal. Quick! Huddle for warmth! I caught Rogue shaking. The boys being...