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    My Artwork

    Howdy I'm a realism artist/portraitist/illustrator/cartoonist. Here are some of my works! Realism and portraits: "Bo" the German Shepherd "King of the Snow" Snow Leopard Airedale Terrier "Pickles" the cat. "Sandy, Bailey and Shadow" "Shanty" Pit Bull...
  2. AllieMackie

    AlliePets has a brand new site!

    Hooray!!! http://www.alliepets.com This has been a rough ride - I spent almost ALL of my free time in the past week coding this baby. Running on Wordpress as a CMS, using an existing theme but I had to code the HECK out of it to get it the way I wanted. That said, I am VERY pleased with...
  3. AllieMackie

    Wherefore Art Thou?

    My lastest - a portrait of Romeo for Fransheska, wavin' his freak flag for his adoring fans! This was so much fun - I love Romeo. I may be a little biased since he's Finn's mini-me. ;) I'll take this second for a little plug: A reminder that all Chazzers get 15% off as a rule...
  4. My speical gift#1

    My speical gift#1

    My friends are raving about this photo. My enlargement of lovely pet picture looks much more special.
  5. Portrait of Duke and Freckles

    Portrait of Duke and Freckles

    Portrait of Duke and Freckles by www.dukesimage.com