1. AllieMackie

    Dogpark Fun

    We spent a few hours at the dogpark last night. It was cold, but otherwise nice out. It was empty when we arrived. Finn found a present left for him. He kept half an eye on the gate for new arrivals. Finally a friend arrived - a little PWD puppy! Wee, omg, friends, etc. He...
  2. SharkBait

    Ze StickMunster... Okay just Matisse at the park!

    Matisse goes to the park (for the zillionth time) :) Some pictures from today just! Not many, but since i don't here very often anymore (bad habit!) thought i'd share. Hope you like. i catches ball... and sometimes i brings it backs... I find stick :]...
  3. K

    Dogs BANNED from NYS Parks!

    Dogs BANNED from Nissequogue River State Park! Recently the Nissequogue River State Park has installed several No Pets signs in the park prohibiting leashed dogs from the entire park. We are circulating a petition asking the Park Administration to change this policy. We currently have...
  4. SharkBait

    Dis Iz Mii Park... Wantz Tour?

    Matisse wants to show you around one of his favourite places, the Park! But first, I’ll show you the results of Matisse’s first trip to the Groomer’s recently… Check it out BEFORE aaaaand… AFTER….Another After… (just to show how dazzling white his paws were! Although after...