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    Help! My dog killed the neighbor's dog, but his owner is still searching for him??

    Alright, sorry for rambling like this, i came here not only to ask for some advice but also b/c i feel i need to get some things from out of my chest. Also its the first time i came here so i don't know if my post is in the right category. We have a female lab and she had always been very...
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    Hello Everyone i m from dallas,tx, us

    The Brooks family professionally breeds Labrador retrievers in the Dallas, Texas area. We produce genetically sound, highly trainable Labrador Retrievers with a classic build and exceptional temperament.
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    My Springador PRINCESS !

    This is my 7 month old puppy shes called princess.Shes a springador ( lab x springer) What do you think ?
  4. black labrador retriever

    black labrador retriever

    black labrador retriever amalthea's jack daniels
  5. Honadore Labradors

    Honadore Labradors

    This is our new puppy Eliott
  6. Our new puppies at Honadore

    Our new puppies at Honadore

    This is our new little girl Genie
  7. Fergie's new photo

    Fergie's new photo

    Fergie 2 year old lab