Help! My dog killed the neighbor's dog, but his owner is still searching for him??


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May 2, 2014
Alright, sorry for rambling like this, i came here not only to ask for some advice but also b/c i feel i need to get some things from out of my chest. Also its the first time i came here so i don't know if my post is in the right category.

We have a female lab and she had always been very sweet and obedient. She once killed a hamster i had, and also some rats, but other than that she had never been aggressive. Some days ago though, my brother was playing w/ her outside off-leash (even though he knew my mother never approved it) , and suddenly my neighbors little dog appeared and ran in their direction. Our dog snapped and bit him, and refused to let go. My bro tried to intervene by punching her, and she did let go of the other dog but only to bite my bro's hand (luckily not a serious bite). Sadly, at this point the little dog was already dead. My brother then took it's corpse home and hid it. When I got home he told me what happened and showed me the dead dog. I felt really sick on my stomach, that image was horrible! And I liked that dog too, I had played w/ him before, and his owners were very nice people, and worst of all they have little kids who i know were attached to the dog.

I told my bro we should talk to our mom or the neighbors but he said no, b/c they would put our dog down and get angry w/ us. I really tried to cconvince him but he didn’t listen, and when i threatened to tell my mom he got very angry, and then went somewhere outside to get rid of the other dog's corpse (no idea why he felt it was necessary to bring it home in the first place). Later he said he burned the corpse so no one would find it, and said we wouldn't talk about it anymore.

When my mom got home my brother was somehow acting pretty normally.! Even so I didn’t say anything, even when my mom asked me if I was ok (she noticed I was acting weird). And then as we were having dinner, the neighbor lady appeared at the door asking if any of us had seen her dog.My bro said "no", and i just froze up.
That night I couldn't sleep, I felt bad about lying and couldn't get the dog's image out of my mind (i had seen dead dogs before but this time it really was sickening, the dog was very badly injured), and i felt guilty about it even though it was my brothers fault , since the dog isn't at fault for having an irresponsible owner. I was still worried about my dog though, and of course didn't want her to die, so i was torn!! But Finally I got up and told my mom everything. She was really shocked and said she would talk to my brother later.Next day she asked my brother about it but guess what? He said i was making it up.

She didnt buy it of course, since my brother lies a lot, and for now she chained up the dog (sadly she's considering to drop her at a shelter) ... but she didn't do anything else! She didnt reprimand my brother, not even now that he's constantly harrassing/taunting me for selling him off. She says that telling the neighbors would cause damage to our reputation (reputation? what reputation?) and be pointless b/c the dog is dead anyways, and that since it was burned they wont find the corpse. She also says they can sue us, so i should keep quiet too, but I dont know if i can!!

I know its dumb but this is making me so depressed... I get nightmares all the time, and evryday when Im going/coming from school I pass through thousands of those "missing dog" posters that are scattered around, and when i think about how the owners and their kids must be suffering it breaks my heart. I had some dogs who disappeared before too so i know how painful not knowing what happened to them is. My family thinks im overreacting but i think i'm not!!

So what do you guys think about it?? what should i do?? I thought about putting an anonymous letter or something under my neighbor's door, do you guys think it could work? Also, what should we do w/ my dog?? In case we decide to keep her, what could we do to prevent this situation from happenning again (besides not letting my brother stay alone with her)?? i still love her despite everything, but my mom is really scared. :(

thank you very much!

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