1. L

    how to bond with cats

    do you think you can bond with cats easily watch how to bond with a strange cat in few seconds very adorable cat people will love it :cool: also you could try it to make the bond with your own cat even stronger bonding with a cute kitten video :)...
  2. A

    Introducing cat to dogs.

    I originally wrote this huge long post and then deleted it, lol, but basically... I have a 9.5 week kitten, named Layla after Eric Clapton song. I have two dogs, Cameron who wants to play maul the kitten, and Duncan who is capable of ignoring the kitten. The dogs have both lived with cats...
  3. SharkBait

    Not Just Canines!

    A random assortment of furry people i photographed this week. Meet Freddie. Okay, dog forum. kitten... But seriously. he is sooo cute! Plus his new roomie is here too, Harvey the border collie cross. Here's Harvey. But back to freddie! And here's a little...
  4. Difference in paw size

    Difference in paw size

    Monty, a border collie and Oliver, a 5 week old kitten.