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    NEED her 2 Poo In Kennel

    Okay so I have an outdoor kennel attached to a low-hanging window for my dog to go poo when I'm gone at work. She can get in and out the window via a doggy door, and has no problems understanding the concept, in fact has been trained within very few repetitions to go in and out on command. She...
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    Short online survey regarding dog welfare and kennel facilities

    SHORT ONLINE SURVEY ABOUT DOG WELFARE AND KENNEL FACILITIES My name is Mia Cobb and I am currently conducting an online survey as part of my PhD research at Monash University in Australia. People aged 18 and over can complete a short and anonymous online questionnaire. The questionnaire...
  3. Kangal 4 years Old Celik

    Kangal 4 years Old Celik

    Kangal 4 years Old Celik