1. StompinT

    Thinking of trying Herding

    My Bouvier is 4 months old, and at 6 months I would like to introduce him to stock and start the beginning of herding. My question for those who are knowledgeable about the sport is: is there any reason I wouldn't want to do herding with him? For example, will it develop his prey drive and make...
  2. German Shepherd, Herding dog Breeds

    German Shepherd, Herding dog Breeds

    German Shepherd is one of the best and loyal dog breeds. This breeds is so popular because of there intelligence, obedient feature..
  3. moxiecollies

    New from Washington. I come with Collies!

    Hello! It's taken me forever to register on this site :lol-sign:. Thanks to my friend for giving me the much needed kick in the butt. I'm from Centralia WA. I breed collies in both coats (rough and smooth). My dogs show in Conformation and participate in Search and Rescue, Herding, Agility...
  4. ChRotties

    Video: Lynyrd Herding Sheep

    For those that didn't know, or have never seen a Rottweiler herd before, here is a video of Lynyrd taken in April during a training session on sheep. YouTube - CH Bernkastel's CallMe Th' Breeze PT RN herding sheep He currently has one leg on AKC started-A course sheep and one leg on...