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    Tie out for escape artists

    We adopted two husky puppies during the winter and were so excited to take them camping. We put their light harnesses on them that we use for walks only to find that they could back out of them in the blink of an eye. The 7mo ran around a tree and gave two quick yanks and took off running...

    Support Harnesses for Senior or Disabled Dogs

    If you have or know a dog that needs help getting around due to old age, weakness, arthritis, injury, surgery, or amputation, check out petsupportsuit.com and have a look at the Get-a-Grip Harness and custom Pet Support Suit. Originally designed for a dog that can't stand on his own, both Grips...
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    New harness

    Our new IDC harness arrived! :) I was super excited about it! Now it is time to start ordering funny side patches [/IMG]
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    How to

    How do I attach photo in these comments? I am new here and I would appreciate some help.
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    My Reactive Rescue

    Corky is a two year old rescue that we got as a foster at Christmastime and are in the process of adopting. He is not reactive with well-mannered dogs or even large barking dogs behind a fence, but small barking dogs and crying babies scare him. I worry that a dog that growls in his face may get...
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    Animal Suspension Technology Website www.petsupportsuit.com

    Animal Suspension Technology manufactures Get-a-Grip Harnesses and custom Pet Support Suits. All AST products are Made in the USA. AST: Because your dog is like no other. AST Support Suit Dog Harness Homepage