Tie out for escape artists


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Jul 18, 2017
We adopted two husky puppies during the winter and were so excited to take them camping. We put their light harnesses on them that we use for walks only to find that they could back out of them in the blink of an eye. The 7mo ran around a tree and gave two quick yanks and took off running.
Thank heavens we trained them to come when called but it was really tough with all the wonderful smells to explore. It was terrifying. We cinched down the harnesses with not much luck and wound up having to keep the older one on a leash sitting beside us the whole time unless she was totally tired out from the walks--with a husky puppy that's pretty brief. The 4mo that we weren't so worried about learned the trick on the last day but headed straight for the RV while we were packing up. We're avid campers and are looking for a humane but safe way to allow them to explore their world without it being totally stressful. We're always outside when they are but we were so stressed about having to keep the oldest on a leash right next to us at all times. No fun for us or her.

Any suggestions?

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