1. German Shepherd, Herding dog Breeds

    German Shepherd, Herding dog Breeds

    German Shepherd is one of the best and loyal dog breeds. This breeds is so popular because of there intelligence, obedient feature..
  2. Ceasar vom Mittel west

    Ceasar vom Mittel west

    Hey I love the snow. Let's have a snow ball fight lol.
  3. tunnel_1


    Love this stuff.
  4. It_s_not_a_real_mouse_1


    It not a real mouse is it.
  5. real_nice_1


    How long can these guy's hold there breath
  6. SadieGirl


    Trying to look taller
  7. Our little Gerhuahua "Lincoln"

    Our little Gerhuahua "Lincoln"

    This is "Linky" as we call him. His mom was GS and dad was a Chi. He weighs about 5 lbs. and is just full of personality.He is about 1 & 1/2 yrs. old now. Would have never believed this cross was possible, but it is true. Everyone who sees him just loves him and he is very...
  8. Big bubbles no troubles

    Big bubbles no troubles

    I can see you twice the size. "boy are you big" Ya gotta get on a diet or more walks.
  9. Helpfull T.A

    Helpfull T.A

  10. This is new

    This is new

  11. online


    What you see on the internet.??
  12. Jess @ 3 months

    Jess @ 3 months

    Was you that small?????
  13. Scrabble is a cool game with the king

    Scrabble is a cool game with the king

    Playing scrabbleis a mind game and you have to keep an eye on him.
  14. We love to play together

    We love to play together

    When we play we play to win.
  15. Frizzibe moon walk

    Frizzibe moon walk

    The frizzbie moon walk that is all I can see
  16. Grauation day

    Grauation day

    Grauation day at the dog training club and only 10 months old Grade1
  17. Growing up and up

    Growing up and up

    Must stop this growing up so fast
  18. The new Pup

    The new Pup

    Just like Jade.Jess loves Ice cream too.
  19. Missy


    my beloved GSD... a petfinder-pound dog :D She loved to romp and play in the snow on the first snowfall of the year
  20. lady


    my brothers new GSD that is a petfinder-pound dog :) This is how she lays when she's pouting. This particular picture is after we told her "No, Lady, you are NOT going for a 4th walk!" lol