dog adoption

  1. kailynsandiego

    Does your dog sleep on their back?

    I have always heard that if you see a dog sleeping on their back, it is an indication that the dog is very mentally calm and content. It's a positive thing. Recently, my husband said he heard something to the contrary on the news, but I still believe it's a good sign and that your dog is pretty...
  2. C

    Filming Rescue Dogs and their Owners - Prospect Park

    Hello, I am working on a documentary focused on Rescue Dogs. Our production team will be in Brooklyn this Thursday and we are looking for owners who have RESCUED DOGS FROM THE SOUTH VIA TRANSPORT. If you rescued your dog from the south and would like to be on camera with your dog for a quick...
  3. Ismail Shehab

    Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult?

    Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult? Everyone is surely going to get excited when trying to adopt a dog. Truly a man’s best friend, you can rely on your pet dog in giving you company, cuddling up together and some can even guard your house. You need to review your personal lifestyle and needs...
  4. B

    Pet Adoptathon 2010....My Happy Tail!

    On May 1st & 2nd the 2010 Pet Adoptathon will take place at shelters around the world. I'm sharing my adoption story in hopes it will inspire others to go out and adopt their new best friend. It can make a bigger difference in your life than you would ever expect. Read on... Of All The Gin...
  5. H

    New Site (Blog) for Dog Owners

    Hello all ! I have a new site/blog for dog owners with articles on all kinds of topics, such as: Adoption Training Breeds Dog Names etc....and adding more every week. Please stop by sometime and join the Newsletter or RSS feed for updates. If anyone has a...