1. B

    Urgent help needed guys! Pls Help :(

    Hello everyone, I am kinda new to all the dog talk, and not very technically sound so kindly bear with me. I have a doberman pup 5.5 months old, he was a voracious eater, forever hungry and extremely energetic. However about 3 weeks back, he lost his appetite (which was shocking), and I took...
  2. L

    Poor Chi-Chi!!!

    My mother in-law had to put there 8 year old rottweiler down this morning, her name was chi chi. well, she developed cataracts in both eyes at a very young age, and hip problems where she walked funny, her eyes where so bad she had to learn to walk without seeing. they couldnt move the furniture...
  3. Todax69

    WOuld love to see other Dobies in action

    If you've got one and have any videos of him/her, I would love to see them. I'm looking into getting into training as a late-in-life career change, and would love to specialize in Dobes. I have a great way of communicating with them and love their attentiveness and agility. Not that I don't like...
  4. VonDoom

    Doberman Rescue Listings

    Doberman Chat is proud to announce the arrival of our detailed and comprehensive list of Dobermans available for adoption and rescue listings.
  5. VonDoom

    Doberman Chat Forum and Rescue Listings is a community driven forum to discuss Dobermans and topics about BSL, health, training, events, rescue and history. Forums provide education by discussion among experienced Doberman owners and lovers. Doberman-Chat.Com
  6. Maya Gives Ilsa a Kiss

    Maya Gives Ilsa a Kiss