1. B

    $10 off at

    For Chazhound members only if you spend $100 on items at you will get an extra $10 off your purchase! To get this offer just head over to right here. Use code chaz offer will be automatically added to your cart when you start checkout.
  2. kady05

    Wilson & Piper testing out the new Ella's Lead vegan collar!

    So Wilson & Piper were chosen to be collar testers for Ella's Lead! Yay This is a new material that is NOT leather, but is really looks/feels like leather. It's REALLY nice. Rebecca wants to make sure they're durable and whatnot, so today was "strength" testing. We're going to try it in the...
  3. SharkBait

    xmas shopping for ze dog...

    I'm going Xmas shopping (on the internet offcourse!) for Matisse... Do you have any good ideas for presents or links to cool doggeh stuff websites? And i need to know... where do you get your awesome collars from??? I'd love a nice, wide, bright coloured, bit of pattern fabric collar for...