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    911 Tipp City Area Ohio Lost Central Asian shepherd

    Yesterday a Central Asian Shepherd Named Bandit friendly got loose with his female akita friend. Tipp city area , West milton Akita came home Bandit did not. He has a Mircochip . And loves cookies and to give the paw. call me his breeder im staying home all day for the weekend 716 751 6927...
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    We got our 4th UKC Grand Champion + a BIS

    FoxFire Palang became a UKC Grand Champion _+ placed each time. He is number 2 soon with UKC his life brother is @1. Happy for his owners. He also stopped a Mountain lion from attacking his owners a few years ago.. HIs mom is UKC Champ CGC FF Pebbles our working lgds sister. HIs Dad is...
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    CAS 1st serious bitch figth ever exhausted

    13 years first real battle. 2 bitches in heat one in house one in garage. New dog back last oct I bred gets out now it is 3 100lb bitches on one . Drop food bucket. Panda got out of pen knock handle off. The others raised as a pack the 2 males mind their business thank the Bleeping lord...
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    Meet the Breed Central Asian Shepherds Kalamazoo Mi and CO too

    Come meet the CAS and the Co Rare molossers. Ask the owner before you bet for all dogs. But come in for some smooches from us. If you hear from a grp of small minded people that CAS are 'aggressive" Come in for a Kiss from FF Saber he will kill them with kindness. FF Gandolf will...
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    8 wk old Central Asian pup pics

    These pups leave in next few weeks.
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    Central Asian Shepherds vs CAO with Bull Terriers, Mals, Kittens, u name it

    The generic working shepherds dogs of Central Asia make great pack animals. Many of the Russian CAO Ovcharkas are used for dog figthing thus they remove this pack ability. As long as the dog is introduced into the family they pack up well. Some even go into doggie day care...
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    Fila - CAO- Co Available

    Molosser Rescue RESCUE BEFORE YOU BUY SAVE A LIFE!!!!!!:yikes:
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    Puppy Pics and Video New borns

    St Pattys day video watching a John Wayne Classic. YouTube - St Pattys Day pups 10 days
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    New Central Asian Shepherd dogs News & pics

    Great News FF dog #9 Piper Passed the ATTS TT. and UKC Champion FF Saber took home his 2nd Best in show Adult. This past weekend Californa And FF Gandolf took down his first Coyote FF Fezz saved his owner from a BEAR in BC!!! We show about 3-4 x a Year so do our breeding prospects...
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    Central Asian Shepherd pack dogs + other breeds

    Real working CAS make great pack dogs.
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    Central Asian Shepherd Pics & News from US

    The Central Asian we bred are more kin to the aboriginal dogs of Central Asia vs the New breed coming from selective breeding for show in Russia. FF Fezz drove of a Bear in BC this week saving his owner. FF Gandorf passed the CGN FF Spirit and Ice passed the ATTS TT FF Saber got...
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    Big New 2 Best in SHow UKC Brampton 11/08

    We are happy to announce that we got 2 Best in SHows this weekend and a new CGC test. New UKC Champion FoxFire Ice " new TT" got a Best in Show Friday beating Grand champions at the BRampton UKC show. OVer 10 dogs in grooup and 7 in Best in show. I hugged the judge. She is bred owned and...
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    I love my furminator Video Central Asian Shepherds

    This is the thickest CASD I have so dont use this tool this fast for the thinner coat dogs. This dog works outside as a LGD. And none of my other ones have it this thick. But I just LOVE this tool. Featured is FoxFire Bam Bam a Neutered 160lbs working dog. As featured in the new Book...
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    Lose Lose situation breeder recommendation

    What do you do when someone asks you for a reference on a specific breeder within your breed or other protection breed- if you know the breeder is not what most consider up to par? If you tell the truth it looks like "competition" if you lie and the person goes ahead and gets a dog and it...