1. J

    Fleas and Your Cat

    What do these two diseases have in common? They both require fleas for transmission of the disease. (Rats, mice and other rodents also play a role in the transmission of these diseases, but today we’re focusing mainly on fleas and flea control.) And these diseases aren’t alone. An even more...
  2. D

    Funny Cats clips 2017

    Watch funny cat video 2017 Thanks
  3. L

    how to bond with cats

    do you think you can bond with cats easily watch how to bond with a strange cat in few seconds very adorable cat people will love it :cool: also you could try it to make the bond with your own cat even stronger bonding with a cute kitten video :)...
  4. A

    Introducing cat to dogs.

    I originally wrote this huge long post and then deleted it, lol, but basically... I have a 9.5 week kitten, named Layla after Eric Clapton song. I have two dogs, Cameron who wants to play maul the kitten, and Duncan who is capable of ignoring the kitten. The dogs have both lived with cats...
  5. D

    Cutie Simon is waiting for adoption

    Hi! I'm Simon and I'm 4 months old. I'm a kitten so I have a lot of energy and I like to play. I had too much energy for my last owner, but I would really like to be in a home with people who can play with me and keep me occupied. For more info...
  6. P

    Cutest Pet Contest, winner gets 1,000 credits + $1,000 donated to animal rescue. Cutest Pet Contest! Prize Details Upload a photo of your pet for a chance to win cutest pet, then get your friends and relatives to vote for your pet! You can do this! The winner gets 1000 credits for shopping on Credits can be used on items like...
  7. AllieMackie

    Pics and VIDEOS of ferts!

    Wooo! I'm not gonna caption these. Just a bunch of pics of the foursome and the cat playing, as always! I'll link the YouTube videos at the end. -MORE-
  8. E

    Pet travel & Relocation - Website

    Hi, New website with all the info you need on dog travel and relocation - check out the did you know section!! Eran
  9. SharkBait

    Matisse&Cleo ❤ Chaz!

    Thought a Matisse & Cleo update was needed, since it's been ages since my last picture post! Oh and any C&C on ze pics or editing on them is always good :] HAI CHAZ! In Erin Vey style... Hmmm... they aren't as cute close up! dirty paw'd pup! He tried to eat the...
  10. cheri1

    New Website looking for links

    I have a new website and I would love to get some links to other pet related sites out there. My site is about dogs and cats...Everything from healthcare, nutrition, training information, supplies, medications, also a forum and photo gallery. My poor photo gallery and forum is soooo empty. I...
  11. Now that's Scary! Look at the size of those boogies

    Now that's Scary! Look at the size of those boogies

    Virgil The pumpkin head vampire cat.