big dogs

  1. Tonny

    Elevated bed for big dogs. Yes or now?

    Hi,all! I was choosing the dog bed and found this elevated bed. There is the German shepherd on it on the picture. Who knows, can such a bed stand the weight of such a big dog?
  2. L

    Poor Chi-Chi!!!

    My mother in-law had to put there 8 year old rottweiler down this morning, her name was chi chi. well, she developed cataracts in both eyes at a very young age, and hip problems where she walked funny, her eyes where so bad she had to learn to walk without seeing. they couldnt move the furniture...
  3. Renee750il

    New Mastiff Site!

    Marty (Gamedog) gave me the heads up on Shon's new site start up for all things Mastiff :D Mastiff Forum