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    The Venting Thread

    So done with this site. Thanks for the 66 views and zero comments on the picture thread that took me HOURS to post. Sorry myself and my dogs airn't good enough for you. I don't know why I ever returned to this cliquey joke of a forum. Enjoy your lives. I'm done.
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    Morrison In His Element

    Was bored so I went out in the sweltering 10 degree heat wave we are having to take some pics. Morrison of course tagged along. Handsomeness Doing what hounds do best And just for fun, here are some not so great quality pics of the girls in their element lol. They...
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Puppy isn't born yet so pics are kinda impossible ;) Here are the parents of my possible future puppy! Dad is the Rottie/Chow mix on the left and mom is the German Shepherd/Great Dane mix. They are having a oops litter and I am interested to see what comes out of it.
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    Flight Rising?

    Way late to the party as always. The window to join is closed for now :(.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Ugh the temptation is real! I was told by a coworker the other day that she is expecting her dog to have puppies any day now...This is a oops litter situation. She has both parents...The dad is a Rottweiler/Chow Chow mix and the mom is a German Shepherd/Great Dane mix though to me she looks...
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    So for the entire month of January I have been sick. In and out of the hospital with bronchitis and all that fun stuff. On top of that of course with working retail my hours have been cut back. Which has been a blessing in disguise because it has given me lots of time to stay home and rest...
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    Black dog + snow = HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!

    It's been awhile. And I FINALLY was able to replace/upgrade to a new Nikon. So yay for black dog snow pics! Morrison loves the white fluffy stuff It induces excited play bows and uncontrollable zoomies Here comes the attack dog "I am black torpedo! See me ZOOOOM!!!"...
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    Does your dog like strangers?

    Morrison- Unannounced- He's a bit suspicious and will raise his hackles at people who walk past our house or down our shared driveway that he does not know. We recently had new neighbors moved in and every time they caught Morrison off guard he would "Roooooooo" and do his best tough guy...
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    Christmas gifts you're getting for others...

    My mother- A new comforter/bedding set...She hasn't had one in years...A new large skillet (this may sound like a sexist or crappy gift but she really wants/needs one and will not buy one herself), and I hoping to find her a new purse or pajama set. My brother- I already have bought him a...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Or Thursday :p. Am thankful for..... My mom- she is a amazing person who has always been there for me no matter what and vice versa. We have gone through a lot since she got laid off from her job of 31 years. I was 18 (now 26) and just out of high school and that what...
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    Do You Enjoy Pooping?

    Depends on what I have eaten that day :lol-sign:. Painful poops are no fun. But yeah it's my time to catch up on my reading.
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    Petfinder Want Thread

    Extreme WANT!!! And this guy!
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    Do you know what your next dog will be? Most likely another Lab or Lab mix of some sort. Or any medium-large sized mutt. Where is it coming from? Either the shelter or craigslist. Unless I get a random offer from a friend. When? 3-4 years from now Plans/goals for it? Not...
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    Ideal Number of Dogs/Dog limit?

    Ideal- 3 Max- 5 I know I can handle 5, I have before with fosters. But I find three to be a much more manageable number for me. I found myself a bit more stressed with five and often worried I wasn't dividing up my attention properly. With three everything is just easier. I do plan to have...