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    Popper and Agility Pics

    unfortunately, speaking with dekka is a lot like talking to a rock. I've actually enjoyed her other posts on other subjects. But the "you don't know what you're doing attitude and I'm the agility goddess" thing has soured me entirely. You can only take so much before you break. Clearly I stated...
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    "Feared for your life" are not magic words

    That's a little like taking a gun to shoot ants at your picnic.
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    Well, now she's making sure you're okay :) since mommy's crazy and all... hehe
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    Ultra sonic or shock?

    No, you were asking *why* the dog was barking specifically because you were going to start on an anti shock collar campaign. It's a cut and dried case of "which correctional device do I use for nuisance barking while I am out of the home." The correctional device is not dependent on why the...
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    My dogs new hobby!

    i'd love to have a treadmill.. i'm a cold wimp and roo's footsies are sensitive... not looking forward to all that salt on the sidewalks or to the ice i'll inevitably slip and fall on either.
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    Obama and stem cell research

    i'm excited, i think it was a crying shame bush put a stop to it when it has so much potential
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    Sooooo not funny!

    that. is. HILARIOUS!! LOL!
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    Ultra sonic or shock?

    there was a dog in flyball class that had the spray collar and did very well on it... but she was rather a timid dog to begin with, they probably could have just told her NO and she would have stopped. She knew when the collar wasn't on though.... but you get that with any correction device with...
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    Voodoo has a phobia of UFOs

    LOL i was thinking meteor (we saw one falling to earth last night, so cool!) but you said it moved around... so who knows. Hilarious though that voodoo was weirded out!
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    People against multi-dog homes.

    in my family, we've always had two dogs, except for a few years (after I moved out) when they had NONE, and then about three years where they only had one. Now, they think that I have too many dogs, and tell me so on a daily basis. They have told me that my "perfect number" is two - one for...
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    Bessie and Arnie's play fight

    i love that first photo... your boston has that "i will DESTROY you" look in his eyes LOL!
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    My what a big mouth

    oh my lord LOL that was a heckuva first picture! What a fun thing to do with your dogs... must try sometime when it's warmer....
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    Popper and Agility Pics

    thanks youbetcha and xpaeanx!
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    Popper and Agility Pics

    I noticed that too! :) I pointed Sierra out to my SO who said my god, there's TWO of them?? LOL
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    Popper and Agility Pics

    LOL yes he's really scared - scared he won't get a hot dog maybe. Whenever I let them outside he runs right over to the teeter (instead of pottying) waiting for the command, he must really terrified of it... what's even better is in agility class, he strains at the leash to go to the teeter...