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    Chaz puppies of 2016

    I can't seem to get a freaking photo to post so here's some links to photos of her. These were taken a couple weeks ago. I need to get some new photos but she's currently 15 lbs and 4.5 months old.
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    Chaz puppies of 2016

    Here's my newest addition. I picked her up at the end of February and she's been a fun puppy so far. It's all very bittersweet because I wouldn't have her if I hadn't lost Itztli and would give anything to have him back. She's definitely been the medicine I needed to begin to heal from his death...
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    New look

    This is definitely going to take a while to get used to.... But look I can finally now upload a pic from my phone!!!!
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    What happened?

    I also have mainly just stuck with the FB group, but hey if this forum is making changes I may hang out for a bit and see what happens.
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    Daycare People

    Not at the daycare I work at. Not at all. For safety reasons majority of the dogs in our daycare are collar-less. There's no way I would put any kind of bark collar, citronella collar or e-collar on a dog loose in a daycare around other dogs. The last daycare I worked at though they would put...
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    What are you Working on? 2016

    My goals right now for Cricket for 2016 is to finish her RN already and move up to the next class in rally. I would also like to try and go for a CD in Obedience. We've also been training to compete in agility (jumpers with weaves), but she's recovering from an injury right now so not sure when...
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    Goodbye my boy

    Thank you so much. It's been a really difficult time and a really heartbreaking Christmas season. I had so many big plans with this boy... So many adventures ahead of us. My heart is literally shattered. I will definitely be getting another Xolo when I'm ready, but right now I'm just hurting...
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    Goodbye my boy

    I know I rarely post on the actual forum anymore now that we have the Chaz Facebook group. For those that aren't friends with me on FB or in the FB group... I lost my sweet young Xolo boy, Itztli, on December 17. He was only a year and a half. According to the vet his kidneys were under...
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    Chinese Crested - sports?

    Ugh and this thread is making me want one even more. I'm getting another Ibizan in a couple years and I really want another standard size Xolo (prefer hairless this time around), but omg I want a little dog for once and really like the CCs. I could compromise and get a smaller Xolo, but I'm not...
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    Chinese Crested - sports?

    There's quite a few in my area that do agility and they are total agility rock stars. They're actually on my want list for a future small dog. I've met lots of them and they all had really great personalities and very food driven. I've only met 2 that were shy nervous nellys and they happened to...
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    dogs dogs dogs

    She makes awesome stuff. I have a braided tag collar from her as well. Cricket is actually wearing it right now.
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    Official 2015 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    This is the first year I'm actually not joining in. I'm sad because I always usually do secret santa here. Money is short right now and also there are a LOT of new members that I don't know since I haven't been on as much lately. Maybe next year.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    I'm super frustrated. I ordered Joey's Halloween costume for my work party the other day. The plan was to dress him up as an AT AT and I was going to be Princess Leia. I went off his measurements and the size I was ordering for him said it fits springer spaniels, brittanys etc. He's a little...
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Yup. I do have PCOS. That would be awesome actually. Definitely please add me to the group.
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Yayyy!!!! Way exciting! Congrats!!!