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    Loud Music Around Dogs?

    My dogs love mellow music. If anything too loud, I would notice a different reaction from them.
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    Dogs and seasonal environmental allergies

    Thanks for sharing these.
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    I'm new!!!!

    They're all adorable. Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Vibes for a shelter dog.

    I wish all would be well for her.
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    Help: Puppy Love

    He's got something to look up to. :thumbup:
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    New from Florida

    All are adorable. Welcome to the forum!
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    Oh, such a sweetie!
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    Did some nosework...

    Awesome! Two thumbs up, boy! :hail::thumbsupsmileyanim:
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    Maurice is a scardy cat

    Just keep your patience. He will definitely but probably regaining his confidence. He must have some slipping experiences before. He's just being careful. ;)
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    Sorry to have missed this it's better than never. ;) Welcome to the forum, Kelly!
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    New Here! ~_~

    Well, you've already started. LOL! Welcome and tell us about your dog. :)
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    Multiple dog folks ?

    Luckily, I don't have issues with my dogs at the moment (hopefully, I won't have any in the future). They're all very close and are best buds. We do activities together and bond well. As long as you show to them that they are treated fairly (to avoid jealousy), all would work out fine.
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    Head, meet wall

    I hope all would be well for Quid. Sending good vibes and warm thoughts...
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    Just Another Golden Girl!

    Hi, welcome to the forum buddy!
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    Newbie here!

    Hi, welcome to the forum! :)