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    Thanks guys. I will post a memorial when I get back from this weekend. I made him a little shadow box and we buried him in the front garden right under my (his) window. I miss him so much and I still can't believe it. He lived a great life and we were so lucky to have each other. I came...
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    Shakespeare is gone. I have no words to express how heart broken I am. Mommy misses you and loves you so much. Sweet dreams my little man.
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    NFL Playoffs?

    Disappointed Falcons fan here. Husband is a niners fan (but was secretly rooting for the Falcons) so if I watch the Super Bowl I will be rooting for them.
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    Favorite etsy collar shops? I get all of my collars from here. I have met her before (she lives pretty close) and she is such a sweet girl. Her products are so durable.... I have had Ollie's squirrel collar for about 3 years and it is her "rough" play collar (drags it through creeks...
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    Shakespeare: Ferrerty ferret

    He is frisky when he is awake haha. It is just a matter of waking him up and getting him to play! After about 15 minutes of playtime he is out like a light for the next hour or so until he is hungry haha.
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    Shakespeare: Ferrerty ferret

    Do you remember when it was more pink than black??? LOL Now it is so much more black! He used to be so much more dark too. He has changed so much since he was a kit. He switched on me... Used to be darker with a more pink nose and now he is more silver with a more black nose! and Adrianna-...
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    Shakespeare: Ferrerty ferret

    My little man (by request of JessLough). He is getting up in age (6), so playtime doesn't last as long... He pretty much sleeps throughout the day. He still enjoys the things he has always enjoyed.... He has stopped using the litterbox but still goes in his cage to potty, so I have resorted to...
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    Which hogwarts house would your dog be in? (+Which are you in?)

    hahaha I just started re-reading the books last week!! I would be in Ravenclaw (creative, imaginative and smart) and I think Ollie would be in Gryffindor (loyal, strong-hearted and brave..for the most part).
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    Goodbye, buddy.

    Omg :( I'm so, so sorry. I know he was your little man. Sweet dreams Dameon.
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    iphone woes

    *settings *scroll down until you see FB *When you see "allow these Apps to you your account" *contacts *update all contacts It is going to import EVERYONE on your FB who has listed their phone number, but you can save them onto your phone/iCloud and turn it back off. You can import to calendar...
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    Members in Georgia and the south east need some help!!!

    I'd be interested if I weren't moving across the country in a few months. I know quite a few people who would be interested though... Just need to get the word out.
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    Getting back on the bandwagon of learning.

    Note cards! Lots of them!
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    What does your dog work best for?

    "good girl" and snuggles. She isn't a big "foodie." haha
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    Woman Leaves ‘Single Mom Sorry’ Tip on $138 Bill

    That's f***ed up. Why not buy groceries so you can feed your children for a week rather than a day? Reminds me of the people who buy the $20 dollar filet at the grocery store with their food stamps while holding a Coach purse then climbing into their Lexus (I see it ALL the time).