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    Doberman breeder

    Dobermans as a whole share a host of health problems, no matter the origin of their pedigree. Typically, Euro and American are the same size, although the Euro dobes I've seen are actually shorter at the withers. Pictures are deceiving; any Dobe being shown is typically being shown heavy, as...
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    What qualifies someone to train dogs?

    People who train for pets/house manners should always be able to clearly communicate ideas, understand how people learn, be personable, have patience, and be able to tackle problems by finding answers for their clients. I don't necessarily look for titles on this one, but it is helpful...
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    Highest show entry numbers in your area

    Usually always Boxers, Goldens, Shelties, Great Danes, Havanese. Although, the average size of a show in this area is about 450 dogs. Our shows in Des Moines tend to be closer to 850 - 1000.
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    Awww, basset puppy. :) I don't have anything helpful to add, except that the last show we went to, the basset showing in groups was rather, shall we say, "loose" down there and his jewels slapped the OUTSIDE of his thighs as he gaited.
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    Trainers of multiple dogs

    No. Ruby has strength in places that Rocket doesn't; Rocket has strength in certain areas that Ruby can't touch. I have to use different techniques for both, but a lot of what I teach is similar. I think it really depends on the dog.
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    How many dogs are you legally allowed to have where you live?

    3. I have 4, and the only thing they told me was "don't get any more." :) Ours aren't that specific. Apts/complexes can make their own rules; the city rule for regular homes is 3.
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    No Bond with Dog?

    I currently own 6 dogs; 4 of them live with me. I'd say I have a bond with all of them, but it's a different type of bond per dog, if that makes sense. The relationship I have with Ruby and Rocket is deepest out of all 6. I can rely on both of them; they are the ones I greet when I come...
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    What movies with dogs do you like?

    Best in Show. Still cracks me up, every time I see it.
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    Hypothetical question about living at home

    My mother would LOVE to have my husband and myself living in her home. She's asked several times over the years for us to move "home." That being said, if the kids are living there NOT because they have to but because they CHOOSE to, I'd say that they have the right to spend their money the...
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    Sunflower Cluster 2013!

    Sizzle already spoke for me, but Rocket and I will be there for the CATs. :)
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    Kennel name help?

    What about ZuMinn? or ZinZuZip? I had to think of one for Ruby. I just combined the dog's names because I couldn't think of one I like. Alruno it was!
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    Where are your dogs from? Where do you plan to get your future dogs?

    Noodle - BYB Allie - rescue Ruby - rescue Rocket - show breeder in IL Next dog will be from the same breeder. Next dog after that will also be from a show breeder, but a different breed. :)
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    Under active Thyroid

    Rocket was weird. He presented no symptoms of having a low thyroid level except that he tended to shiver at times. He wasn't overweight, etc. Once he was on the meds, it took about a month for a difference to really be seen. It really solved all of his underweight issues and cleared up the...
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    Question for raw feeders...

    I do this. The chicken feet I thaw (they come in 10 - 25 lb frozen lumps) and separate into bags of 20-24. The 30 lb slab is perfect for us, we got through that much in about 6 days.
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    Hawaii Anyone?

    Best luau in the islands is at the Grand Wailea hotel on Maui. Take a whale watching boat for humpbacks, fo sho. If you can, take a day trip to Maui and get to the top of Haleakala for sunrise and then take a hike into the volcano, and take a drive on the road to Hana. Hike Maui is a great...