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    Do your dogs sleep on your bed?

    Sienna would love to sleep in my bed, and often tries, but she ends up getting irritated with how much I move around, and that she can't be exactly where I want to put my feet. I invite her up, but inevitably a few minutes later she jumps down in a huff. She apparently has bed issues though...LOL
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    Dog #2! Curious about her makeup...

    I'm no expert on hounds, but she looks like a fine-boned/delicate Beagle to me. Very ladylike :)
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    Lost Pets of Southern California

    This is what I've been working on lately...modeled after Lost Dogs of Illinois but localized for Southern California. I share lost & found posts on Facebook and Twitter, and have a blog/website where I share tips for finding lost pets (or finding the person who lost the pet you found). If...
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    Catching a shy loose dog

    I second the "leash noose". If you make the loop big enough and lay it on the ground, the dog won't notice as much when you slip it over his head (as he's eating food that you placed on the ground inside the loop)
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    Same here, I'm fascinated by it and it looks like a great way to work with your dog as a team. But the physical, monetary, and time requirements would be too much for me, sadly. You could always teach him to track lost pets! I'll probably do that with my next dog. It's another good way to...
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    Summer Rules You Break

    :hail: Yes, it's good for people to use common sense. But the inflammatory photos, etc, get people stirred up and then they overreact, which I don't see as helpful. There was just a case here of a dog stolen out of someone's truck, it was in a camper shell and at NIGHT, but I'd bet money that...
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    Quiddich Stinks.

    Not sure what you're feeding, but I've found that feeding raw helps. I can start to smell my dog after she's been eating kibble for a while...or too many processed treats even. No smell at all from raw...well, except when she's been chewing on a bone that's kind of, er, ripe. Eww. I'd...
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    Living with dogs - a discussion of perspectives

    Pretty much what everyone else said. Dogs aren't children - they're dogs. I actually think it disrespects dogs when we treat them like human children. They are fascinating, unique *animals* with their own instincts, communication style, and perspective. Treating them as though they are human...
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    I'm old school. My critters drink out of a ceramic, not THAT ceramic bowl :lol-sign: Just a regular old stoneware soup bowl. I had one of those pet water fountain things, but you have to be really on top of cleaning those apparently. I wasn't and it started making my dog sick - the...
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    What do you do "wrong"?

    Even this could be fine for some dogs. I think it really depends on the individual. Obviously keeping a large, high energy dog this way in a small city home wouldn't be such a good life. But a pair of small dog in an average sized suburban house, with a doggy door and each other to play with all...
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    Lure coursing titles for non-gazehounds

    How about flyball?
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    What do you do "wrong"?

    Add me to the "encouraging bad behavior" club. Sienna gets rewarded for begging and just generally being cute. Yes, pawing my boyfriend at the dinner table is cute LOL. And I've always encouraged her to jump on me...she's easier to reach that way. :D I also encourage her to chase squirrels...
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    Collar rant.

    Yep, this is why Sienna wears a rolled leather collar, and I keep it loose enough so it rests on her shoulders...below her ruff mostly. She also doesn't wear it in the house. I walk her on a slip collar since the rolled leather one is so loose - it's really just there to hold her tags. I'm a tad...
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    Official "Flea Market" thread

    It's 1/2" wide. I'm used to mailing books :) Wasn't sure what the padded envelopes cost when they're light LOL. Thank goodness for the shipping calculator!
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    Official "Flea Market" thread

    I found one more leash...I swear these things multiply like bunnies! About 4' (not including the loop length) Mendota slip lead, brown woven poly? with leather trim. Brand new - I removed the tags but haven't used it. $9 Untitled by Pacific_Coast, on Flickr