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  • They are testing the CGN Sunday morning, which I believe is the 15th. It's at the George Preston Centre, which is located at 20699 42 Ave. Langley, and to do the CGN it costs $20. To be honest I don't think Spy will pass it either because he gets super excited around other dogs too... I figure that it's good practice though and he may surprise me and pass it so I am going to give it a shot. I totally understand if you don't feel Nia is ready though. Here is a description of the test: http://www.ckc.ca/en/portals/0/pdf/Other/CGN%2012%20Steps.pdf

    I watched a few youtube videos of the test (some of which were local, definitely recognized Cloverdale! lol) and they seemed quite relaxed about the requirements. I noticed a lot of people had to remind their dogs to sit and stuff when the other dog was around and they still passed.

    If you are interested in it and want to work on Nia's behaviour around other dogs I would be down to meet up and we can use each other's dogs to practice heeling and stuff with the distraction :) I am borrowing all my north van friend's dogs to use anyway :D lol.

    Let me know if you are interested and I will give you the organizer's email :) It would be awesome to finally get to meet another chaz member.
    Hey! Want to do the CGN with Nia? :D I am in a trial in Langley on the 15th and they have some CGN spots available... I know you are nearby (UBC area right?) so thought you may be interested. There is a small possibility I could give you a ride out there if you need one, too :)
    Hey just thought I would let you know... The Dangerous Dog Laws you posted about in Vancouver are actually outdated, there is no longer breed-specific legislature in Vancouver :) I emailed the district and asked :)
    Yeah that's what I heard too, so I guess I don't have to stress too much until 3rd year! :) I am actually seriously considering going into either linguistics, psychology or speech sciences with the hope of entering the audiology program... Have you heard anything about that program? :) I heard it is hard to get into =/
    Sounds interesting! I am just a general arts student atm (atleast I think...), and am taking a mish mash of everything because I have no idea of what I want to do :( It sucks lol. Haven't decided 100% on my courses but will probably take some linguistics, english and maybe bio. No idea really though, still trying to piece things together!
    Hey, you go to UBC right? I am going this year now too... Any helpful tips? :D All my friends are back at UVIC so I think I am going to join a bunch of clubs to make some more lol. I am also going to go to the campus and figure out where my classes are before the big day, otherwise I will be so lost... Mind me asking what you are taking and if you like it? :)
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