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    Can marrow bones kill the appetite?

    Did you check her teeth? I don't feed marrow bones anymore they are just too hard and have been known to break dogs teeth. I give Hannah ribs as a chew toy and while they don't last long like a marrow bone its just not worth the risk to me.
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    This is...

    She is gorgeous!
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    Lukey is a stud and Ophie is a ninja foodie princess.

    Those collars are amazing! I've ordered 3 collarmania collars this month. Love them!
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    She was such a pretty girl. Hugs... :(
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    Maddy with the buns *cute pics*

    That is just too adorable! I just lost my 9 year old rabbit Toby last month. I miss her so much so your pictures made me smile. She had free roam of my house and was more like a dog than a rabbit.
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    So... who's had enough of winter?

    Yes, winter can leave NOW!
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    Good thoughts for Luce, please.

    Good thoughts for Miss Luce and hugs to you!
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    4/52 : Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

    Oh! The Places You'll Go. by roxanncaputo, on Flickr Mom can we go some where, any where! NOW! Do you think she wants to go for a car ride? :rofl1:
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    5/52: Colours!

    Love Raja! and tell her daddy thank you! I still have to post my picture from last week. I took it but just have not had the time to post it. And I think I finally have an idea for this week.
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    First Day of Raw..

    Welcome to raw! :)
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    What do you feed your pets?

    Hannah- PMRaw Chessie and Jinx (cats)- crap! Been trying to switch them to raw but I've given up. I am going to be switching them to better food though. I think I'm going to go with GO! Toby (rabbit)- Oxbow Bunny Basics T pellets, timothy hay and veggies. Fruit for treats. She passed away...
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    3/52 : The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

    Do we have to post the photo to the threads as well? I've just putting mine here and in the group pool. :dunno:
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    My Hoss-Man. *Very long and picture heavy.*

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog.
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    Traveler Screaming

    Glad to know Hannah is not the only one who does this! :rofl1: