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    I Need Help...

    lol! wow! that is a lot of collars! Coal will also accept a leather collar donation as his mommy cannot afford to buy the rolled black leather collar, the 2 inch stud leather collar, or the matching black leather leash... *cries*
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    wow what a pretty dog! I love his name, he is gorgeous. What breed is he? i mean i wasnt sure if he was purebred chow or not (dont mind my ignorance lol)
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    Soaking Dry Kibble

    I feed my dog California natural. I have tried giving him his kibble with water on top but he got liquid diahrrea from it! He seems to get the runs whenever he gets meat, wet food, or water on his kibble, or even drinks to much water! I don't know why this happens. I wished I could give him wet...
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    I HAVE MADE MY MIND UP! cracking down!

    I would never rehome my pets, and if the worse did happen I would try to find a place for me and my pets to go. Or find a temporary residence until I could get back on my feet. My story was not to say I am in your situation because I infact do not know all the details. It was to say I've been in...
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    You know what breed I'd like to see a bit more often?

    oooh, they are gorgeous dogs, and such cute puppies! I like the blues and blacks ^_^
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    What Breed Is He???

    He is cute! he does look a lot like a plott hound/lab mix. I hope he gets a good home ^_^
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    not for beginners

    I think a mutt makes the best first time dog. Goto the local shelter and find a big ol' fuzzy mutt. As for purebreds I say any breed of dog would make a good first dog as long as your dedicated, educated, and not easily discouraged. I love pit bulls, I think that as long as people do the right...
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    I HAVE MADE MY MIND UP! cracking down!

    well hedwig I don't know the backstory on any of this but maybe my situation will give you some insight. Right now I am in a tough situation I have no job, no car, no money saved, well no money period, 2 cats, and a dog. Here is what is going on. I just got dumped out of a three year...
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    How Often do you...

    Well since I live in an apartment I carry bright blue doggy poop bags in my purse lol. I clean up every time Coal goes. Also carry them on walks and at the dog park. When I lived at my mom's house I cleaned the yard every day or every other day.
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    Animal Control Call

    Good luck to both of you. I don't know the backstory of the OP's post but good luck anyway! That shar-pei is adorable!
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    She was killed today

    That was a very good post. Very very depressing. Poor baby RIP Lacy :( what a cute little pup. These people adopt these little cute wiggly puppys. They love them and think its so cute when they jump on people and knaw on people's hands. But then the dog gains 50 lbs. and suddenly their cute...
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    Chaz Breeds (everyone Must Post Here!)

    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog 1. Athena - owned by SisMorphine Alaskan Husky 1. Princess - Owned by SharkyX 2. Tyr - Owned by SharkyX 3. Mikoa - Owned by summitview 4. Khuno - Owned by summitview Alaskan Malamute 1. Lucas- Owned by babyblue5290 American Cocker Spaniel 1. Houdini's...
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    Toys in crate?

    I put 2 kong toys (kong, kong ball), a squeeky large ball, and a rope toy. My dog is so picky about toys! I think anything they can't eat or swallow and choke on is fine. Rope toys work well unless your dog eats the stringy parts. I would never leave any bones or rawhide because they get chewed...
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    I really can't stand people who don't like dogs!

    okay I didn't miss much I was a good girl and read the entire thread ^.^ I can understand why people don't like certain animals. I like all animals but there are deffinatly some I would never own. I have pet peeves. Such as I can't stand when unfixed out door male tomcats spray around my house...
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    I really can't stand people who don't like dogs!

    I haven't really read threw the pages but I did read the first couple. I don't really care if someone doesn't like dogs as long as they aren't coming in my home complaining about my dog. That being said I can understand why the lady was upset about a strange dog wandering up to her. I can't...