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    Gross Male Question

    Ugh, Badger is super gross about it. Constantly 'unsheathing' and he isn't great about keeping himself clean. It's how he got the not so affectionate nickname smegs. Bear was probably at least 4 or 5 when he was neutered, but he likes to keep super duper clean, so it's never a problem with him.
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    Let's say your breed wasn't AKC recognized. Would you want it to be?

    It doesn't effect me right now, but I really wish being altered wasn't a requirement for canine partners. Not that I'm considering adding another dog anytime soon, but it bothers me that if I did it would have to either be an AKC recognized breed or be altered before we could compete. There are...
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    If one of your dogs could live forever...

    Pig. Unequivocally and forever, Pig. I adore all of my dogs and I love how different they are, but if someone told me I would only ever be able to have one dog but they would be with me forever, it would be Pig. Hands down, every time.
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    Would your dog(s) do well in an apartment?

    Badger and Pig like to rip around the house at inappropriate hours, so I have a feeling anyone living underneath us would not be thrilled. It would also have to be a gigantic apartment to accommodate aforementioned shenanigans. And have soundproof walls. Pig is a noisy beastling. Bear would...
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    Can your dogs chew bones or highly valued things together?

    Before the boys had to be separated full time, Bear would be a jerk and hoard everything from Badger. He could've been laying down across the room, but if Badger picked anything up Bear would rush over and steal it from him. Badger and Pig both steal from each other, but it's a game with...
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    Art Really Hates Me

    The white patches on Talon's ears almost makes it look like he's got horns in the first pic. It's kind of perfect
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    All of your dogs are so photogenic, but that last shot of Hank is just awesome. Such a handsome little dude
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    Auggie is 9

    Happy Birthday Auggie! Love the little frosting bits on his chin in the headshot
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    Five Years Later...

    It's so FLUFFY!!!!
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    Dog breed selectors

    Animal Planet: Toller - 100% ACD - 99% Aussie - 98% Malinois - 98% Border Collie - 98% Brittany - 98% Irish Setter - 98% No to all of the sporting dogs. Ehh, maybe to the herders Dogtime: English Cocker Field Spaniel Flat-Coated Retriever GSP GWP Noooooope Select Smart...
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    Can your dogs do daycare/group play/dog park?

    Most of the dog parks here are tiny and no one ever watches their dog. So parks are usually out. I bring Pig and Badger to the dog beach, but we usually head straight for an empty section. Pig has no interest in playing with random dogs there. She has eyes only for her ball/frisbee. If I take...
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    I want a new leather collar

    I want a Blue Lynx for Badger so bad. From a health standpoint, I'm happy with slow growth. But the 'must buy all of the nice things' part of me just wants his neck to hurry up and finish.
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    What are your dogs doing right now?

    It's Badger's turn to be free, so Bear is relaxing in his crate. Pig is fake sleeping on my feet. She's desperately hoping I'll forget the plate my cheesecake was on when/if I get up so that she can clean it for me. Badger is alternately chewing on his giant ball so it achieves optimal...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    I was trying the same thing with Pig and Badger last night. Strangely enough it was Badger who was well...badgering me. He WOULD NOT SETTLE THE EFF DOWN. Pig was too comfortable cuddling under the blanket with me to entertain him. Apparently she wasn't in the mood to be trampled, which is his...
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    Dog related injuries

    So I'm sure everyone has stories of getting hurt by their dogs. Whether it's a mistimed kick or poorly aimed bite on a tug. I've been working on vaults and rebounds with Pig lately so I could probably play an extra in a bad horror flick with how many scratches I've got right now. Figured I'd...