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  • hi Julie - I don't know if you got a puppy from the shiloh place or not in Forest city.
    I did get one from this lady and I love the pup I got from her. He is sooo smart. And I did do the deposit. No Problems from this lady at all. We went to her house to get the pup..my daughter and I and she showed us the pup and we filled out the paper work and registation and I paid her the rest. She was a very nice lady..so I don't know why this other person was trying to scare you sooo much about her. She is actually a very nice lady and my pup..Paul is doing very well and is very well behaved. Yes..he is a pup an loves to play. He is doing very well. I hope you did go and get a puppy from her. She is a very nice nice nice lady....couldnt' say a bad thing about this person. Hope to hear from you.
    I'm gone for sometime. Don't know when I'll be back. Personal problems and such. Just saying hi, it's my birthday in about 45 minutes I'll be 25 years old!!! Oh my god I can't believe it! My friends are taking me out after work tomorrow to try and cheer me up. Miss you all, peace out!
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