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    Potty training help

    Sometimes it's as simple as there is something different where she goes outside. As simple as lawn ornaments that she is insulted that you put it there. It could be something , anything out of place and that is her way of telling you. Some dogs just don't like change , like a dog who sits in...
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    Tiny Paws Castle

    Tiny Paws Castle
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    New Dog, New Dog Owner

    Welcome! And thanks for adopting a dog in need, and hope he stays with you for the rest of his life.
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    newbie roll call

    Is Marilyn short for yuckaduck. Man all I want to know is why lie? Are you that ashame of yourself. Respect starts with honesty. Get a clue. I just got an email saying you were brtlover . Do you actually think that we are so innocently dumb that no one can spot you a mile away. Good...
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    Yay I found another dog forum.

    Hi Dekka! I'm new here too so hope to chat with you too, time permitting! I hear it's a great forum and so far I like it alot.
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    Hello all new to the forum here

    I think you are right , And Oh by the way that little Baxter looks like a little rascle (but sweet) , I bet ya he must be a face licker and wet sloppers to show his love for you. Give me an open field and a dog like Baxter and it's play city.
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    Hello all new to the forum here

    Totally! And I don't belong to any other forums yet so I wasn't sure how this worked . But this is fun, I hope I don't get adicted.:D
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    Hello all new to the forum here

    Hey I did it. :)
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    Hello all new to the forum here

    Hi again and thank you all for your wonderful welcome. I would love to put up pics but first I have to figure it out. This is Trooper my latest rescue after two weeks he needed no leash holding and now he is loose in our yard of course when we are with him , he is so smart and gentle.
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    Hello all new to the forum here

    Hi all , I 'm new and trying to understand this forum stuff here. I hope people here don't judge the spelling as I will probably do alot of them. I own many dogs and I breed pomeranian but they are mainly my pets as even the retired one will never be sold, I have a newfie/golden retreiver and...
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    Attention Chazzers!

    "Bella" Rose:p