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    Cute overload!

    All heck breaks lose on CO when a bunny pic is posted. The 'clapping bunny' had me on the floor crying.
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    What is your biggest pet peeve?

    I have to pick one? Yeah... Mobile, AL drivers. People who want to pet Jed even after I tell them it is not a good idea. Running out of cottage cheese.
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    Raw feeding success stories

    It's been about 2 or 2.5 months on raw so far and not once has Jed had anal gland explosions. He was also developing a dark patch on his stomach. It's now gone. His teeth have less crud on them. He is finally losing weight without me having to walk and exercise him like crazy...
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    The Chaz Photo winner is.......

    Congratulations :D
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    Heartworm Meds

    I also use HeartGuard Plus. I lost a childhood dog to heartworms and I won't let it happen again. Plus I live in the DEEP south. We have the **** bloodsuckers in January. Not using something proven would be wreckless on my part.
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    Where Are These "Designer Breeds" Coming From?

    Yeah, I saw that CBS thing this past Sunday. This is all a bunch of typical sheeple line of thinking. Status is sooooooo important, don't you know? Don't these morons know that, instead of adopting one of these breeds and shelling out hundreds of dollars, all they have to do is go to the...
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    "Why did they shoot him six times?"

    Daphne, your idiot son had it coming.
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    how much did you pay?

    $80. This included the microchip, neuter, and shots.
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    Photo contest for Chaz dogs!

    In the hall with belly action:
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    Thinking about feeding raw? Suggestions?

    *dang Windoze crashes* I rinse what comes from the butcher if I am planning on giving some of it straight away to Jed. When in doubt, however, go ahead and freeze it first.
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    Thinking about feeding raw? Suggestions?

    For storage reasons I freeze all meats. I thaw in the fridge overnight. Do you have to freeze chicken? No. I bought chicken on sale tonight and I placed Jed's chicken meal for tomorrow from today's purchase straight into the fridge. I am freezing the rest.
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    Camping pics

    Such a happy dog ! :)
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    Would You Give Up Your Dog?

    Hell no. No human is worth it.
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    Why don't foods like Innova Advertise?

    Also, imo , the high quality brands and companies rely more on word of mouth than TV and glossy print ads in the Sunday paper.