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    Happy Easter

    Hi everyone...Happy Easter!!
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    Thanks so much Bax!! It's been great...even though I had to work! :o)

    Thanks so much Bax!! It's been great...even though I had to work! :o)
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    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope everyone had a great day!
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    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to wish all of my Chaz friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I hope it's filled with special blessings for you all!!! I wish I could be on more often!! I miss you all! ((((HUGS))))
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    Thanks!! I need to post a real pic on Facebook...all of my friends give me a hard time about it! I'm so just computer illiterate when it comes to posting pics! My kids don't live at home anymore so I'm just going to have to learn. Good to see you!
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    Patrick Swayze

    So very sad! What a talented man he was! RIP Patrick. :(
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    Yep...I'm back! I'll try to check in more often. My work days are 12 hours long with the commute and I can't be on Chaz at work because they block forums!!! Meanies!!!!! I will try to check in more often. Thanks for saying hi!! I was beginning to wonder if anyone loved me on here anymore!! :(
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    Just wanted to check in to say hi to everyone!!! Family and fur fam are all doing really good!! I hope all is well with everyone here!! I miss you lot's!! ((HUGS)):D
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    Hello everyone

    It's so good to see you all again to!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you all a lot!!!!
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    BARKING BARKING and more barking

    My Corgi Chloe does that also and I understand what you're going through!! It's very frustrating for sure!! I'm still working with her. I wish I could be more help.
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    WA meetup? [Blackmask, Romy, Redyre, Babyblue..]

    When are you planning to do this...and where is that park? I'm in Oregon right on the border of Washington.
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    Happy Birthday, Zoom!

    Happy birthday Zoomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))
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    Hello everyone

    Hey Fran how are you? :) How are the babies doing...I'll bet they're getting so big!!
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    I feel that way also today!!! I usually like cleaning but get really lazy in the summer time around the house!!! I feel for you!!
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    How Many Calories? Daily food thread for the dieting chazzers

    I have lost 85 pounds now in the past 2 years and feel so so much better!!!! I still have about 40 left to lose. :)