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    Cute pic :)!

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    Agility Pics

    Very Beauitful dog GSD's are one of my fave Breeds of dogs
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    Just One Picture

    your dog's are Beauitful i especially LOVE your GSD
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    Happy announcement!!!

    WOW those are some very beauitful dog's i love the heads on rotties.. good luck with the up coming puppies..
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    if you moved, would you rehome your dog?

    I sure would not move with out my dog's my dog's are with me till the day they go to the bridge..
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    update on puppies. *pics*

    They are soo cute BlackDogRescie
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    New Here

    I am new here I am from Missouri And i am looking for some information on how to start my own dog rescue I have looked and looked on the net and i can not find anything that has information on what i need to do to make this happen.. I have the land and i know how to run a rescue but i...