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    MORE Eve pics.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention.... WOW has she ever grown! *Jaw Drop*
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    MORE Eve pics.

    LOL! Great pics as always! :D The 3rd one is my favorite. :)
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    Me again.

    He is soo darn cuute!! :D :D Love the first pic!
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    Harry is desexed now.

    That's great news! I hope Harry will get well soon. :)
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    i have an addiction

    That's so awesome! :) I have one crowntail betta boy, I got him back in May. He's my first one and still doin great! Have any pics? :D
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    Happy announcement!!!

    Congrats, Red!! :D I was wondering when you were going to have a litter! Can't wait for those puppy pics! :D Hope all goes well. :)
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    Does WordPad have a word count?

    Thanks, I'll check it out. :)
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    Whiskey As Captain Jack Sparrow (pics)

    LOL, he's so adorable. :D
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    Watership Down and PLague Dogs

    I used to watch Watership Down. I've never seen/heard of Plague Dogs, looks like something I would have watched as well.
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    Does WordPad have a word count?

    If so, where is it located? Thanks.:)
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    Amish puppy mill burns down- 192 dogs die

    How sad... Those poor, poor dogs. :( I don't normally say things like this, but.......I hope the guy burns in hell! :mad:
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    I know what you all need...

    He normally weighs between 50-55lbs, but during the winter he puts on some extra fat so probably around 60lbs. I promise to keep up on the pics! :) Charlie loves posing for the camera.:D
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    I know what you all need...

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone! :) Glad he could cheer you all up. :D
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    Newest Chaz Member...

    Omgoodness! He's SO cuute! :D
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    New dog on the block

    Welcome to chaz! :D We'd love to see some pics of your baby. :)