Pretending she hasn't done anything naughty.

Trust me, at any time, on any day, she's done SOMETHING she's not supposed to do.
She is an adorable little goofball. I never know what havoc she's going to wreak next, but I know I'll have to try not to laugh when I have to scold her for doing it even though she makes all kinds of funny faces at me - just like a kid who's been caught.
How could you ever scold a face like that! Mean, mean woman. Hehe So when are you going to post the bull?
Oh, it's hard to scold her, even when she's got the remains of some choice tidbit she's filched from the trash hanging out of her mouth or the shower doors are laying across the bathroom - off the frame - and I find shampoo bottles leaking from giant tooth punctures buried between the couch cushions. She's got quite an imagination and a talent for trouble. The other night she even stole a peanut butter jar off the table, unscrewed the lid, ate what she wanted, then hid the jar. She retrieved it periodically over the course of the next couple of days until she'd finally eaten all the peanut butter.
Oh, I could never get mad at that face! I'd be putty in the pup's paws! LOL
aww i just love those wrinkles!!!! looks like she knew she did sumthing wrong so she has this innocence apon her face!! aww what a cutie!

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