is my boxer cross rhodesian ridgeback to skinny?

hes 4 months and we can see his ribs.
your dog is emanciated, something besides worms is going on here..your vet needs to do a complete blood work up, and in the meantime getting some tubes of nutrical, an easily digestable, high calorie and protein supliment is available at pet and feed stores. i have brought many a puppy back from the brink by adding that to the food.. also powdered milk, honey, fish oil, all can be added to the food..there is muscle that isn't present in his legs, this dog is starving.
...please! Get your baby to a vet. Hopefully you've just rescued him and this is a "Before" pic. Let us know how he is doing, and what the vet's prognosis is. Bless his little doggy soul that he recovers from obvious malnutrition.
hi i will put a recent picture on soon as he is 4 months now and i suppose has gain a bit more weight.

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