I'm not afraid of cats

and if I ever see one I show you just how brave I am.
Thanks anonymous
We had to put up some type of vinyl paper on the wall because our Bulldog would rub up and down the wall and leave dirt streaks so we measured her from the ground to her shoulder and put the wallpaper up so it would be easy to clean when she did her daily rubbing.
My user name otterprenuer is just a little play on words I collect otter stuff anything otters. I just have always loved them they are such cute playful critters. I also had my own business for a while and that name just seemed to work
To anonymous: I don't consider this my website, it is Chazhounds website I merely enjoy sharing photos with others as do all the members of this website. As far as updates go I posted photos of Tobie much older and bigger with the same cat (TD) back in Jan of 2005. I am sorry to report that Tobie now 2 years old is still not as big as the cat and I don't hold out hope of it ever happening. But Thanks for the interest in Tobie.

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