Schnauzer Books profess them to be the "most affectionate dog" and "The dog with the human brain" (for 48 yrs. I've known sooo many breeds of dogs, but this one I sure know what they mean). Been said, "Elizabeth Taylor is the only human known to be born with purple eyes", "Deputy" had beautiful deep blue eyes for over 4 months. He's sooo sweet and then some. He loves crunchy peanut butter over anything! This breed never sheds, always lovey and clingy 24/7, good for alergy victims, they're non yippity/barkers, light weight, very protective, very in-tune to what's going on! etc. The Mother-in-law (82 yrs.) calls to see if he still misses her (he goes into the guest room a lot looking for her), wishes she could have taken him in her suitcase back to Milwaukee, Wisc. "Sure he misses you, I said, know why? 1. You shared half your food with him, 2. Took him for walks, 3. Spent quantity time that I couldn't, 4. Runs to you to escape his meany groomer (me), 5. And you are satisfied with him curled up at your side, but (I) can't keep from messing with him: hugging and kissing him!" After she left, he went back to his normal kissing and clinging to me 24/7. My guess is only the Schnauzer EXPERIENCED will rate this pic. high.
I agree with everything you said about min schnauzers! My two never leave my side when I'm at home!
Great Dog Pic! Love the blue blue eyes.
And a wonderful dog story too!
you said it all, I love my little schnuazers deepley and they do me too. they are like children to me , my salt and pepper has blue eyes too. they do love to cuddle, thanks for sharing, love the pic

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