Baylee sniffing in the yard

Baylee loves to check out the yard everytime she goes out.
A sniffing Beagle. Now that is most rare. :) I had Beagles growing up and let me ask you, do they do anything else but sniff and search for food to put in their tummies? I love those small hounds with the heart of gold. My Goldie passed away in March, she was 17, she would have been 18 this December. She was my little turkey. Bay;ee is awesome.
Thanks. She is an awesome dog and you're right when you say they are always looking for food. I think I read somewhere that if left to their own devices, Beagles will eat themselves to death. I know we've had to put Baylee on a diet. She's five now and for a while her tummy was almost touching the ground. She's doing much better now.

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