Bandit "Mama's Boy"

Lhaso/Yorkie Mix
I'm running short on time or i would comment on all your pics..so i will try to say it all in this one..they are the most beautiful babies..your photography is awesome.you show off the best traits of every single one. I loved, just loved seeing them. Look forward to getting to kno them and you! Thanks for posting
He is just beautiful, I love his colours. He reminds me a little of my Benji (silky/maltese) when he was a puppy, after 14 years I am without him and its photo's like these that bring back memories. I never took a photo of him as a puppy, he grew up before I knew it. Take care of this little one he is special.
Unfortunately I didn't keep any of the pups, but they are all close by. Both moms and two very good friends have them. So I will be able to watch them grow. It was the hardest thing for me to do (give them up). It was like giving away my children. It was the best eight weeks of my life next to having my son.
He is so beautiful. Even though I know He is a Lhaso/Yorkie mix-He looks so much like a Shih Tzu Pup in this photo!

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