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free games Traffic Computer v1.0
the game lasts two minutes, you control the traffic lights using the mouse to press the buttons. score is based on the total number of seconds waited by the cars. Fun Game! Try it!
Small File.
best free stuff Direct X PacMan
If you like to play PacMan try this DX Pacman version that will blow you away! This game move pacman to a new level with remarkable graphics and fast action, all in a small package.
File size(287Kb)
freeware games Space Trek 1.02
A one-player game where the player plays a starship that flies in space, and shoots ugly alien ships.
File size(49KB
pet games CyPet 2.0 - Free Downloads
Freeware, FUN virtual pet for Windows 95 or later Two games to play with your pet. View your pet's full statistics .
1272kb file.

free software downloads Choppers 1.00
A one or two player game. Use your joystick to shoot down the elements that shoot at you. Don't get hit!...
File size(72KB)

best free stuff The Tris
A great Tetris clone that is not available anymore. Get it fast!
File size 384kb
Windows 95.
play online games Battle Chopper
fly an Apache AH-64 helicopter to rescue downed pilots behind enemy lines.
Download now!
File size 3.77mb Win95/98
free software downloads DxBall 1.9
This is a quality game with lots of action. Best free arcade game on the net.
My favorite!
(Hard to Find New Version 1.9!)
pet games PacPC
This is a great free Pacman clone, with all the bells and whistles.
It has sound and everything.
Try this game and see.
freeware games Pairs
Match the pairs in this traditional memory game. Includes characters from the Simpsons, Flintstones, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Winnie The Pooh.
Download here. Win95/98

Lotto Pic
This is a neat freeware program that just may make you a millionaire. Just remember me when you hit it big! Use it to pick 4, 5, or 6 random numbers for Lotto! Free download. 996kb zip file.

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