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Dog-E-Book Ver. 3.0
Learn about your dog or pet with the New Dog-E-Book from Chazhound. Many useful articles and resources you can use offline or online right from your computer. Totally Free Puppy and Big Dog Training Course! Runs on Win95/98. Must have MS Explorer 4.0 or greater. 978kb file! Just download the file and double click it. Check back for regular updates. (last update 12/16/2000)
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Alternate Download For Windows95/98/2000!

Cartoon Screensaver
Download a free dog screensaver featuring Nimby's "Not in My Backyard" cartoon scripts! Enjoy a different cartoon every minute. Just unzip and run. 833k zip file.

Download Dog Cartoon Screensaver!

The Ideal Dog Breed Selection Program
The purpose of this program is to help you to find a dog breed that will suit your abilities, environment, and lifestyle. It accomplishes this by testing some of your behavioral and physical characteristics. This enables you to determine which breeds you should be able to easily control and which breeds you can provide for properly. A profile of what you prefer in a dog will determine which breed you will enjoy the most. By combining these different profiles, you will narrow your search for your ideal dog, from the 181 breeds and varieties of breeds covered in this program to a handful of good prospects. Just unzip and run. 106kb zip file.

Download Dog Breed Selection Program

Lotto Pic
Lotto Pic is a simple quick pick program that was created to pick lotto numbers for the Florida lotto games. This program is 100% free for your enjoyment and who knows it may just make you a millionaire. Just remember me when you hit it big! Use it to pick 4, 5, or 6 random numbers for Lotto! 996kb zip file.
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