my first foster kitty - needs a home!


Cata what?
Jan 13, 2010
I saved this cat from death yesterday.

Owner calls me at 2:30 says "my cat is sick, and I'm leaving for vacation tomorror, can I get her in today?" I say of course.

I didn't really pay attention when the cat came in because I was busy doing other things. Anyway, I go to the back to talk to a dr. and I see them drawing blood and they say, "want a cat?"

I'm a sucker for calicos. Beautiful cat! Dr. can't find anything wrong with the cat - ownder said she wasn't eating for 3 days. So they ran a urinalysis and blood work. Nothing looks abnormal.

Well the owner is just bawling in the room because she doesn't know what to do for the cat. She rescued it from a shed when her owners moved. She got it spayed, UTD on shots, dewormed and everything. Problem is - her cats still hate this cat and are still peeing in the house months later.

So our shelter is full and I told her about the anther cat last week and how the shelter said they aren't taking cats and telling people to euthanize. She says they are going on vac. tomorrow, her parents are sick, her sister might take the cat, but she couldn't get a hold of her.

So I offered to take her at least while they are on vacation and work on finding her a home. She's spayed, less than 2 yrs old, UTD on shots, dewormed, the works. And she's been at my house less than 12 hours and she's already eaten, played with her ball, and she's a lovey girl.

My boss said he'd declaw for free if I keep her. I don't declaw, but if I find someone to take her, I can have that done for you if you need it. But I will talk you out of it first.

We will be traveling to Chicago in February, so if you know anyone between WI and IL that is looking for a free, beautiful, healthy girl, please let me know.

(She is currently confined in my spare bathroom. She is not yet dog tested because I don't want to stress her out)

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