Yesterday was Victor's found day


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Dec 16, 2004
I should have posted this here as well as Facebook. IT is with profound Gratitude that i post it here. THank you Karl, for your having this forum, made Victor's journey possible, your forum, gave me the connections to give him exactly what he needed...
so this is what i wrote yesterday.

Today is Victor's found day. I don't know if it was 14 years ago, or wishful thinking makes it 13,. i only know that what i thought was the saddest april fools day joke turned out to be life saving, my life, my sanity. We have a very long list of thank yous, Victor and I for all that made this journey so amazing.
Thank you to Connie Guthrie fo going to the shelter and yanking him out just in time.
For posting his info on PEtfinder
To Kelly Walsh for telling me not to give up when i called the number and was told in a recording that it was no longer working.
While i called the sherriff dept, the local vet, in the town the numer was listed in, finding no one who knew anything, Kelly searched on line, and gave me the correct number for Connie Guthrie.

Thank you to Connie Guthrie with SAVE OUR STRAYS for trusted me with him, when i couldn't offer up the adoption fee, but said i could cover vet bills and Mary and i were two mothers without our baby boy to love. Ours, had passed with cancer, and i knew when i saw Vic, that he was the one. My heart went gathump as soon as I found his photo.

That is just the beginning of his story. He was 5 months old, and so hyper and impossible, i didn't' now how to reach him. He was like holding a weed eater, that was trying to climb down your throat to get to your heart,

THank you to CHazhound for letting us share our mishaps as well as our successes...and all the friends we met there.

thank you to Creature TEacher for telling me to teach him up to teach him down, and we did, and that was the beginning of a whole different way of looking at life.

Thank you to Grammy for letting Victor be so welcome in her home, not once but twice during our mod meeting, even if he and Ollie didn't think it was such a good idea. oh the memories of those two visits are some of my most treasured.

THank you to Ella's LEADs for his beautiful collar that he wears every day a decade later, so he could be styling in public and for the extra collars to celebrate holidays while he did his public service. THank you to the Chazhounders that helped make that possible and to the secret santas out there that were so generous.

thank you to patn2paws for the t touch seminars, and the holistic vet that showed me new approaches when everything i had learned would not calm him down....
and to Pets for Life for making Patn2paws possible in their program of training a therapy dog. Thank you for having such a hard test we had to work at it for a year to pass.

Thank you to the nursing homes that allowed him to do what he did best.

Thank you to KCCLAYGUILD for letting me teach him how to be a good shop dog, and for being his friends, and letting him have a seat on the board, and for all the raku nights he so loved.

Thank you to every person that helped him learn to carry his bucket and for putting money in it, when he did his BIG THING.

THank you to The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City for letting him be Doctor Victor and work towards paying it forward and helping save the lives of others, my life mission, the ones that are hurt.
Thank you for letting him be the bubble dog on the telethon pet trick spot. His first public debut.
Thank you to the KC STAR for showing Kansas City what i knew all along, what a hero he had become.

Thank you to all our dear dear park friends, Sawyer and Zoomer, Cindy and the liilputins,

there are no words for how much we both miss those days.

Thank you to Butch and Logan where ever you are out there, for all the great neighborhood walks, and being his friend.

Thank you to Charlotte for letting an old blind man have a sweet heart in his golden years.

I know there is more, thank you to the man that walked down the side walk when we were having a raku firing, and stopped, and laid down beside Victor and just held him for a few minutes and then got up and walked away.

for all the people in the parades, for the night of a thousand fingers that touched his back, when we were caught in the crush of the crowd at the Plaza art fair, to every single one of those hands that dropped down and and brushed their finger tips from his neck down his back, as they moved along, an experience i cannot find the right words to describe, but my puppy was awestruck. and a lot of his worry turned to wonder. He fell in love with all of you that night.

THank you to the man that said "My family are not going to believe i am touching this dog. I am scared of dogs, but i am NOT SCARED of this one. This is incredible"

That was his magic and how i saw people respond to him.

All of you made him what he is and helped him do what he did.

Thank you Joe Smith for calling him Victorville,
and Father Terry for the good back scratches,

and all the children at the bouncy house.

and Hyia for her love
Thank you to Jory Bayless for being his "brother"

and the little children for including in bubble fun, and bedtime snuggles

but most of all Victor,
Thank you for loving me,
and letting me be the other end of the leash

for helping me believe that people can really be good, and compassionate, you brought out the best in everyone, and let me see that. i am speechless at how much you helped me see, when ui didn't want to look anymore for i had given up so much faith in humanity.
THank you for saving Mary from her grief and gaining Pepper;s trust, that wouldn't have happened without your help
for every single morning, and every single night
for sighing a deep sigh at the same time as I do, when we go to sleep
May we have a spring of bench sitting to watch the sun come up
and warm sunshine and slow walks
I love you my old man.
always and forever


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Sep 28, 2004
Thank you Smkie & Vic for letting me into your lives. I will forever remember the day we met at Grammy's house for our "Mod Meeting". I will always love you both.

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