When training pays off...

Nov 10, 2007
Sunny California baby!
I had to fly to tenessee for a wedding this week. I left the weens with my parents and took Lily with me. (She was in the cargo hold and she came out just fine. Perky, happy, wiggling tail. Very sleepy from the medication the vet gave me for her.) So my sister and brother's-in-law house is two stories on about two acres. So its tuesday morning and I volunteer to take the trash out for them so the love birds can get some sleeping time in. Lily, of course, at my side. The street isn't that crowded but because I don't know the area all that well I leave Lily in a sit/stay position at the gate. I was way out of her sight with one trash can. I must have been gone a full three or four minutes due to their effing huge front yard. I come back, and BOOM Lily is still sitting! Looking around waiting for me! I give her the sit/stay command again, only a little closer to where I am so I could actually see her. Their new neighbor, a man fresh out of college came over to ask if we enjoyed the house (Just being neighborly I guess...) and Lily slowly walks over and sits down about half a foot infront of me. She didn't greet him, sniff him, growl, she just sat there watching him with intense eyes. It was SO funny. I am a tad upset that she broke her sit/stay, but I have to give her credit. New yard, new smells, new people. I'm so proud of you, Lil'!!

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