When did 'adoption' become 'rescue'?


Salty Sea Dog
Feb 14, 2006
i have to agree with the...
taking in a dog that would have been killed otherwise (or hamred/kepts in terrible conditions ect) RESCUE
taking a dog from a no kill shelter, ADOPTION

King my past dane was a RESCUE, he was born death and partially blind and the "breeder" was culling his litter, yes i paid for king a whopping 5 pounds (i was 7 it was all i had) but he would have been drowned had i not have bought him, he was a RESCUE.

we had a boxer at one point (he now lives with 6 other boxes on 24 fenced acres) i was working at the shelter they had Rescued him from a situation where he was tied to a tree and highly emaciated, he would have died if hed stayed there, he came in and didnt do well in the kennel (the one i worked for doesnt allow fostering, its either the dog has a home or lives in the kennel) so i adopted him, he was at no risk in the kennel (other than some anxiety) he was gaining weight and getting attention there and at no risk, he was an ADOPTION.

however i also dont see the problem in interchanging the terms and it doesnt bother me when someone comes in with their dog and says "we rescued him from the shelter" or "we adopted him" it doesnt matter as long as the dog is now in a healthy happy situation.

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