WAP Diary: The app for Pets

Jun 15, 2014
We are two veterinary students and other computer engineering, and we have a dream: improve and enhance the relationship of the owners with their pets.
Since we work together, two years ago, our main goals have been to help and improve, wherever possible, in the animal sector.

The WAP project.​

Our idea is to launch an application in which you can manage your pet’s care, both professionally (vaccinations, deworming, vet visits, etc…) and basic (well-being of the pet, nail trimming, mouth washes, haircuts, baths, etc…).
Aside from everything else, you can also share with your friends the best moments that you have spent with each of your pets, and this way they can see how happy you are with them.

For those traveling and leave their pet with friends, they can share the profile of him / her with veterinary or caregivers to let them know the cares that she / he needs. They will receive the same alerts on their mobiles that you would receive, everything for improve the well-being of our pets.
As a form of motivation, we want to include an achievement system that the owner of the pet will be gaining as you complete the tasks or objectives that these needed to be unlocked. We see this as a way to strengthen the bond between pet and owner, motivating them to look their best for their pets.

Broadly, it would be a “useful†mobile app in which apart from being a social network, share those special moments, unlock achievements, etc… also you can control personally the manage of your pets.

Please help us to spread a project we would like to realize, we are seeking funding via the "crownfunding" system.

You can learn more at the following link:

Depending on your contribution we will give you some products for your pet, do not hesitate and come to find out that you can get helping us develop this great project.


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