Uncertain puppy deaths??


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Mar 5, 2017
So I had sort of adopted a litter of 6 street dogs along with their mother. They would eat and sleep right outside of our house and stay there most of the time. But because of their wild nature, and because we live close to a jungle, they would often hunt for themselves and eat a lot of things.
This one day I found one of them laying on the side, just breathing and not being able to move at all. He had stool coming out of its butt and some liquid coming out too which seemed like blood. Later I discovered another one of the puppies already dead right next to him.
We assumed the rest of them died as well in the jungle as they didnt seem to visit at all. But the next day another one of them came to our garden to drink water, looked distraught and very weak, with his eyes almost about to shut. Unable to move, the poor thing also died within a couple of hours.
The next day after it, another one of the puppies came out of the jungle to our garden again to drink water, looking the same way the previous one did. Wouldn't eat. Then he went to the jungle as well where we couldn't reach and now i'm guessing he probably died too.
Only one of them seems to have survived now and we still have no information about one puppy. The mother dog is fine as well, and doesn't seem to care much about the dieing puppies. Stays away from them.
I was hoping you could guess the cause of their deaths because it is bothering me so much. The puppies were around 4-5 months old. Please respond. Thank you.

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