'Twas the (doggies') night before Christmas


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Aug 5, 2006
Central Florida
Hi all. I wrote this for my niece who lives up in New York (I am in Florida), and she loved it... hope you all enjoy it too!

‘Twas the (doggie’s) Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, we were all quite chilly,
Mom, Buck and Penny, even plush coated Millie.

So I pulled out our blankets, all made of fleece,
And asked for a treat from the dogs… some peace!

There was noise on the rooftop, and the dogs made such clatter!
I gave them a look that said, “What’s the matter?â€

They went on the balcony and looked towards the sky,
And were almost blinded by a red light in their eye.

They saw it was a reindeer up high on the roof,
And each of the dogs let out a huge “WOOF!â€

The neighbor next door did pound on the wall,
So I yelled to the dogs “Be quiet you all!â€

They came back inside, got back under their blankies,
Cause they knew mom was mad; they wanted no spankies.

I tried to believe all my dogs were so nice,
But all that was left in their bowl was some ice.

They saw this old man in a red suit take flight,
And what do the dogs do? They jump up and bite!

So I guess we’re already on the naughty list next year,
How could they do that; they’re usually so dear.

What I learned is on Christmas Eve when it’s late,
For the dogs to be good I better put them in their crate.

So what everyone learned, Penny, Buck, Mom and Millie,
It pays to stay under the covers when chilly.

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